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Rockaway Rockets Football Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 227
Rockaway, NJ 07866


The Rockets have a very specific process for complaints which must be followed.

  1. An attempt must be made to resolve any conflict with the Team Coordinator.
  2. If no resolution can be reached, the Cheer Director must be notified in writing or via email. A receipt of this issue must be received to ensure delivery, if not, hand deliver the complaint. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.
  3. Once the Cheer Director has validated the complaint, it will be brought to the Cheer Board for discussion within 72 hours and resolution within a reasonable amount of time afterwards. All parties may be questioned and have the right to address the board prior to resolution.
  4. Failure to follow all of the steps in this process will not be looked upon favorably, and will most likely result in no action. This process is in place to protect you, your child, and the program.

I have formally brought this to the Coordinator's attention and was not satisfied with the results.*
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